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Ever since 2005, EDEN SYNTHETIC CORPS have released a total of six albums. Starting from the in-your-face Dark Electro of the first three albums “Matte”, “Enhancer” and “Eight Thousand Square Feet”, going into the more experimental “Breathing Salt” and reaching a more organic style with both “Sandwalkers” and “Gold”.

Along these albums came many international shows in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Austria and Germany and a good amount of songs featured in the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts). 2022 will bring the band’s most ambitious leap with the release of their new album “The Encyclopædia of Black Sleep”, as the band welcomes a new member in their lineup (Walter T.), joining João V. on synths, the return of Daniel R. to drumming, the upgraded importance of guitars played by Ricardo R. and a bigger focus on a broader range of vocals by Marco P. (now responsible for all vocals), miles away from the band’s beginnings.

“The Encyclopædia of Black Sleep” is heavy, it’s dark, it’s industrial. It’s worth your listen.