Heads up Russia!

February, 6

Heads up Russia! Here is the teaser for our Russian shows next week. We’re looking forward to see all of you guys again so be there and have a blast with us!

Steam Matte A Voyeur's Waltz Tense Green X | Red Y Unit 06 Royalty Magenta Soar The Robots Heartware Angelshift Eden Despise Enhancer Needle Catwalk Heartware V2.0 Wrong Way Waste Of Ammo Totes Licht Alpha Male Architecture Deathtrap Circus Attention Whore 0.26 (Bladefucked) Reptile Concrete Eight Thousand Square Feet Correcting God's Design White Beast - Retribution Raiva Proprioception Le Voyage d'Ivoire Sophisme -48ºC The Grand Atrium Of Light Dishonour Leitbild An Horizon Inside Four Walls Breathing Salt Evaporate Something Is Terribly Wrong God's Own Miserable Exception Determinism Cryptobiosis The Black Octopus Carousel FBK Sailing Dead I Cannot Leave You Because You Never Had Me Commander Cruel FBK (Saturn Dawn Remix) The Northern Hunter Sandwalkers Dystopia Oil Of The Feathered Serpent Catarse Trail Of The Hydra Neuri Thirst Scythian Atsinganoi Lamiae Tsékooh Themiscyra Noblesse